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My Closet, So Chic

Its been a while, Im here again,  it was a season without inspiration for me, I been buying  accessories to my closet but i wasn’t in the mood to take pictures or post something.

This is the season to party with the family and a lot of dinner and familiar reunion, thats mean clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup, but i was no there to take the time to take pictures and post.

I have to tell than Santa was good with me, his Elf (helper) my husband done a good job with my gift this year, I’m so grateful and thankful for all than I have, is more than I deserved.

So here is two of my addition to my closet this years.

Christian Louboutin Iriza Metallic Pumps//Saks Fifth Ave. Stores $625.

Gucci Clutch (pink)//Saks Fifth Avenue Stores $287. (sales..Original Price $420.)


ImageLucky girl

Color my Fall

Fall is here and the colors for this season; I love all the color option we have:
Deep lichen green
Cobalt blue
Samba red
Koi orange
Acai violet
Vivacious fuchsia

This is going to be a season of beautiful color.









Outfit $188.

On September 7 my family and I celebrated the most happy day in my life, nine years ago was the day when I gave birth to the love of my life, my proud my son my babyboy forever my Jay Sebastian…that day my family of three was all Burberry style and this was my outfit

Burberry black shirt//Saks Fifth Avenue stores $125.

Ivory Shorts//Express stores $35.

Punk Cross earrings//Charlotte Russe stores $5.

Leather Cross Wrap//Via Instagram @adornindulge1218 $15.

Bracelet//Old navy stores $8.

Wedges and clutch// Ross stores and TJMax stores $$




Weekend Inspiration OUTFIT $65.

This weekend was a quiet weekend, I’m thinking in the next weekend because is going to be my son birthday so me and my hubby spend the weekend in the mall looking for our outfits and my son outfit for his birthday celebration…so in the saturday morning i have no idea what to wear, so I was looking for inspiration in Pinterest, Polyvore, Instagram and nothing them I go to my blog to check was going on and I found this post from they post about a simple outfit inspiration and I love the idea to wear it… so I go to my closet to see what can I find to copy that outfit… and this was the result

Black blouse//TJMax stores $14.99

Black Jacket//Charlotte Russe stores $14.99

Jeans//Forever 21 stores $19.99

Jewelry// Via Instagram @adornindulge1218 $15.00

Gucci Flat shoes//Saks Fifth Avenue stores $$$





I still with the Maxi skirt trends, by the way this trend is going to stay for the Fall, so don’t get rid off this trend. This saturday was different, I wear this outfit to go to my mother in law house, because we have a wedding in Honduras, this is the country from I am, and we celebrated the wedding through Skype, thanks to all this way of communication we can attendance the wedding, we can not be there in person but our hearts be there…so and this was my outfit..

Black and white stripes Maxi skirt//Marshalls stores $16.99

Black tank//TJMax stores $5.99

Wedges shoes//TJMax stores $29.99

Jewelry// Via Instagram @Adornindulge1218 $27.00





VERANO CALIENTE (hot summer)

One month more and summer is over, so I was on vacation for one week with my family and my cousin’s family, We went to Daytona Beach, Florida it was relaxing and relief week, I even don’t have the time or I wasn’t in the mood to take the photo for my outfits, it was like all day in the pool or the beach…this was a week just to do nothing and just relax on the beach with my Margarita drink in my hand….so here is all my outfit for 6 day…





FEDORA HAT……style trend

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A fedora hat, made by Borsalino. ‪Norsk (bokmå...

A fedora hat, made by Borsalino. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: En fedorahatt, laget av Borsalino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Fedora Hat is a fashion accessory with character, and this summer is going to be trendy, celebrities are wearing their fedoras like never before, so is time to follow this trend, there is a lot of fedoras styles and color, you can add the fedora hat to your maxi dress, shorts, jeans or any outfit. I love this trend and obviously I have my Fedora for this summer.

Black Fedora Hat//2bBEBE stores $.12.85




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